Personal Defense Classes in Minneapolis, MN

At Linos Taekwondo, our appreciation for the ancient sport of Taekwondo drives what we do. We are committed to training students in martial arts with the most professional and useful instruction in Minneapolis, MN. When you choose our martial arts school for your practice, you’ll experience teachers that care about your progress and provide you with individualized instruction.

Kids Learning Martial Arts

We offer a large variety of Taekwondo instruction for students of all ages. Our beginner classes are split up by age group and include classes for young children and older adults alike. In every class, our expert Taekwondo masters offer step-by-step instruction that helps students learn and master every move. With a commitment to professionalism, patience, and accuracy, our teaching instruction ensures all students effectively learn and master the art.

Our martial arts school also offers personal defense classes for all experience levels. Whether you’ve never taken a class before or you simply know the basics, we’re here to teach you all you need to know about defending yourself in a dangerous situation. With enough instruction, demonstrations, and practice, we guarantee you’ll leave our classes feeling more confident about defending yourself from harm. 

Don’t wait any longer to learn a new hobby, improve your agility, and gain valuable self-defense skills. Choose Linos Taekwondo for the best martial arts school in the area. Call us today to enroll in one of our classes or stop in to speak with one of our Taekwondo masters.

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